Realise the potential of AI and data with sustainable ethical practices.

Safe and responsible AI and data management

Are you ready for AI?

With Hypereal, you have assurance that your data initiatives, including AI, are built and managed according to leading practice and ethical principles.

As experts in AI and data ethics, and digital trustworthiness, we can help guide your decision-making across the AI and data life cycle, from initial concept to sunset​.

By providing data mentorship, we will support your team to build their capability, and to embed ethical and productive AI and data practices into your BAU.

Let Hypereal help you realise the potential of your AI and data initiatives, safely and responsibly.

How it works

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Comprehensive oversight
We explore your existing project documentation, gather insights, and validate through interviews and workshops.

We review and assess your data management methods, and the legal and ethical principles underpinning your data management decisions​.
Risk and opportunity mapping
We identify the risks and opportunities in your AI and data management.

This knowledge map will be a valuable resource for your organisation, and enable you to establish consistent AI and data practices across teams and projects.
Data mentorship
We provide data mentorship in workshops or targeted consultations.
We foster capability in your team to embed ethical and productive AI and data practices into BAU.
Assurance reports
You receive reports that satisfy your board and audit requirements by demonstrating your compliance with leading data and AI ethical practices​.

The reports also contain actionable insights that you can use to improve your AI and data initiatives.

Assurance across your AI and data life cycle

Hypereal provides continuous evaluation through the life cycle of your data and AI activities, including the transition to BAU.​

The ethical implications and governance needs of your data and AI initiatives will shift as your business requirements become clearer, and as your design is developed, tested and implemented.

Why Hypereal?

Expert practitioners
Hypereal are experts in AI and data ethics, and digital trustworthiness.

We believe the best way to address the
challenge of incorporating ethical practices into products and services is to make ethics a standard risk mitigation and performance standard in the design and implementation of AI and data initatives.
Always up to date
Our research team follows the latest updates in regulation, legislation, technology and leading practice from around the world.

We update our approach and advice constantly to reflect the dynamic and fast-moving pace of change in AI and data management.
Independent, customised advice
Hypereal is independent. We are not affiliated with any data products, methodologies or consultants.

Our advice always considers your best interests and your unique context.

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